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Anti-Ragging Committee.

  • Dr. Uttam Kr. Sen, Principal – 9434383232
  • Sub-Divisional Officer, Haldia
  • Sub-Divisional Police Officer , Haldia
  • Sri Shyamal Sen, local Media Representative — 9476163572
  • Dr. Shruti Nath Chakraborty, Guardian, Representative — 9475426448
  • Sri Srimanta Basu, Administrative Officer (General) — 9434506778
  • Dr. Sudipta Sahu, Sr. Lecturer, Warden Boys’ Hostel — 8436948425
  • Dr. Ishita Banerjee, Lecturer, Warden Girl’s Hostel – 8583829973
  • Sri Timir Baran Sinha, PA to Principal — 9932804441
  • Sri P.S. Nath , Administrative Officer- 8017697528
  • Dr. Harshvardhan Jha, 1st yr. MDS Student- 7872443613
  • Sri Indibor Chowdhury, Intern — 8653511610
  • Miss Joyita Pradhan, Intern — 9038373696
  • Sri Satyaki Samanta, 4th yr BDS Student — 8537001224
  • Miss Sohini Ghosh, 4th  yr BDS Student — 7688089750
  • Sri Partha Pratim Rakshit, 3rd yr BDS Student – 8013051655
  • Miss Nitisha Das, 3rd yr BDS Student – 8017935029
  • Sri Sudip Sukul, 2nd yr BDS Student- 9734992403
  • Miss Paromita Bose, 2nd yr BDS Student- 7384836467
  • Sri Prantik Nandi, 1st yr BDS Student- 7059586201
  • Miss Debrupa Chakravorty , 1st yr BDS Student- 9674783416



Sub-curbing the menance of ragging In Educational Institutions

Ref. DCI’s letter nos.

  1. DE-167-2010-A/10632 dated 12.01.2011
  2. DE-167-2011-A/6313 dated 10.10.2011
  3. DE-130-2012-A/1296 dated 05.01.2012
  4. DE-167-2012-B-3175 dated 01.06.2012
  5. DE-167-2013-1008 dated 26.04.2013
  6. DE-167-2013/1538 dated 07.02.2014
  7. DE-167-2014/75593 dated 10.03.2015
  8. DE-167-2010-10678 dated 31.03.2015
  9. DE-167-2016/5771 dated 17.08.2016

This is to inform the students of HIDSAR, in connection with DCI’s letters and order dated 11 th February passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Civil appeal no. 887/2009 that we have been directed by the DCI to take all possible steps or measures in our institutions so as to ensure ragging of any type does not take place in our institutions. As in the case, concerned students indulge in ragging strict action should be initiated against the concerned student as per the guidelines are given by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and matter shall be reported to the Under Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource  Development, New Delhi directly with Initiation to DCI.


Therefore all BDS students are hereby advised and directed not to be involved in any type of ragging in and around the college and hostel premises. Please note that the modern era, Ragging has become to be known as SYNONYM of Teasing, Harassment, Cruelty and Physical and Mental Torture.


We have also decided by DCI that if any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given the explanation and the explanation is founded to be unsatisfactory, the authority will expel him/her from the institution.


Dr. Uttam Kr. Sen

Principal HIDSAR